Homestyler's Official 3D Modeling Service

Homestyler Official 12 July 2022

Why choose to make your products into 3D models?

With the upgrading of consumers' demand, no matter online or offline, the biggest decision-making power of the consumers to buy household products has changed from simply looking at the products themselves to looking at the overall sense of coordination between the furniture and their living space.

Homestyler's official 3D modeling service helps create high-quality 3D models of your furniture and products, and produces scenes based on the combination of 3D models to meet the imagination for the living space of the consumers.

Compared with taking photos in a physical photo shooting studio, 3D models can be used repeatedly without the restrictions on the photography site or photographers, which greatly reduces the cost of business.

Our advantages

The Homestyler team strictly controls the accuracy of 3D modeling to restore the authenticity of products, so as to ensure the best display effect in HS. At the same time, the fees are transparent, efficient, and cost-effective.

We create high-fidelity 3D models that digitize your products accurately and present your products in the most photorealistic effect.

The 3D model could be imported to our virtual studio to create beautiful visualization, or to the Homestyler public model library and promote your products to millions of designers and homeowners.

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How it works? 

Send inquiry email → Official quotation & lead time → Payment → Modeling & upload delivery → Model acceptance


Q1. What materials are required for modeling? What is the final result?

A: You need to provide the detailed link of the product (including high-definition picture material that can clearly display the product structure from multiple angles);

The final effect of the models can restore more than 90% of the original material structure, and as a bundle bonus, we can upload the final models to the Homestyler public library with your brand information to showcase and promote your products to millions of designers and homeowners (for details, see the renderings of our customers' real cases).

Q2. In addition to 3D modeling, what other 3D services are there?

A: ①The 3D showroom can be made according to the requirements of the business (the spatial layout and style need to be clarified, it will be great to provide some reference pictures to our official designer).

②The 3D animation video can be produced according to the requirements of the business (generally, the client will provide a sample showroom; you can also choose our showroom service to produce the video, and the creation of the showroom will be charged additionally; the animation video will be charged by 10 seconds).

③3D modeling, 3D model room, and 3D animation video can be packaged in any combination and with package discounts.

Q3. Modeling lead time?

A: The lead time for average complexity is as follows:

Q4. If there is a large-scale modeling requirement, can you provide a free modeling test effect first?

A: For a batch creation of 25 models and above, we offer the creation of 2 models as a demo for free.

Q5. What is the cost range for modeling?

A:The specific quotation depends on the complexity of products and the number of models to be created. Homestyler official modeling can provide the service of uploading models to the public Homestyler model library as a promotion for free. If you upload up to a certain number of models (generally 50, at most 100), we can create an official brand model collection with your brand information on both the Homestyler web design tool and the Homestyelr mobile app, which could promote your products to millions of designers and homeowners.

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