Homestyler "How To" Guide

Getting Started with Autodesk® Homestyler®

by Homestyler Editor

Everything you wanted to know and more about using the new Autodesk® Homestyler® iPad application.

The Home Screen

The first thing you see when you open Autodesk Homestyler on your iPad is the new home screen which offers the three most common functions of the app.

  • Create a New Design
  • 3D Design Stream
  • Homestyler Magazine

See below for more info about each option

Create a New Design

How do I create a new design?

Either choose the first option on the home screen, or open the Main Menu and select “Create New Design” from there.

You can either select an image from your mobile device’s Image Gallery or take a photo with its built-in camera. (Note: you can also select existing designs by clicking the “Redesign” button on any 3D item within the Design Stream.)

We’ve also added empty rooms so you can start designing your dream spaces right away. Select the “Empty Rooms” option to reach a Design Stream populated by all our available empty rooms.

The Design Stream

What is the 3D Design Stream?

The Design Stream is a constantly updated stream of 3D designs uploaded by Autodesk Homestyler Enthusiasts and Professionals. The Design Stream is meant to inspire Homestyler users, who can “Heart” their favorites and add comments. All the designs can be Redesigned, as explained below.

The Homestyler team monitors and curates all Design Stream content.

Homestyler Magazine

If you’re looking for inspiration for your own homes or for your next Homestyler design, the Homestyler Magazine is the place for you.

Here you’ll find a filtered Design Stream showcasing

  • Homestyler articles which offer design inspiration, discussions about the current trends and styles, as well as the latest news about exciting new designers and innovations in the design world.
  • Beautiful images from the portfolios of our growing Professional Index

Main Menu

By tapping on the icon in the upper lefthand corner, you can reach the Main Menu from anywhere on the application.

From here you can access the three categories from the home page:

  • Create a New Design
  • View the 3D Design Stream
  • Read articles and be inspired by professional photos in the Homestyler Magazine.

Furthermore you can also:

  • Access My Homestyler
  • View the Professional Index
  • Send the Homestyler team Feedback (we love hearing from you!)
  • Check the Settings


How can you tell which items on the Design Stream are 3D and can be Redesigned?

We’re happy to hear that the 3D designs are almost indistinguishable from the regular 2D images, but if you want to play with the App, it can be confusing. There are a couple ways to tell if a design can be “Redesigned.”

Tap on any design and view it as a full screen design. If you see the green “Redesign” button on the top, (1) go ahead and tap on it to start designing.

More information about the design can be found by tapping on Read More (2) located next to the Heart and Comment icons.

Additionally, every item on the Design Stream is differentiated by its icon:

(1) 3D designs: created by the Homestyler Community and can be Redesigned

(2) 2D images: Inspirational photos from our index of Design Professionals

(3) Design Articles

Filtering and Sorting

In the new version you can also filter the Design Stream by:

Room Type (1)

Design Type (2)

  • 3D designs created by the Homestyler community that can be Redesigned
  • Photos from the portfolios available in our Professional Index
  • Articles that discuss current trends and styles and offer general home design advice

You can also sort (3) the Design Stream by:

  • Editor’s Pick – A combination of the new and popular designs, curated by our design team
  • New – Items sorted by date
  • Popular – Items sorted by all time popularity

Signing Up

Do I have to sign up to use Autodesk Homestyler?

No. You can play with the design tool, browse designs, and read articles without signing up. However, you will have to sign up if you would like to:

  • Heart or Comment on anything
  • Save your design
  • Access My Homestyler

 How can I sign up?

You can sign up using your Facebook account, an email address, or just Sign In with your existing username and password.

Edit Profile

How do I edit my profile?

By tapping on your user name on the Main Menu.

You can change your profile image, your screen name and your password from this screen. Just enter your details and tap on Done in the upper righthand corner.

Using the Design Tool

What can I do when designing a 3D image?

(1) Catalog – browse and select from our catalog of items. Check back often since our team is constantly updating the catalog with new design choices.

(2) Style Wall – change the color of your walls with a swipe of your finger. (Detailed explanation on Style Wall features in section below.)

(3) Real Scale – this feature is what allows the app to recognize the shape and dimensions of your room. (Detailed explanation below.)

(4) Delete Items - To delete an item, select it and then press the “Delete Item” button in the toolbar at the top of the app. The item(s) will begin to shake back and forth and a red “X” will appear on all selected items. If you have not selected any items, a red “X” will appear on all items. To delete an item simply click on the red “X.

(5) Save Design-  Tap on this icon to save your design. Enter a title and description, select the design category, and toggle the “Public” button on or off. If you toggle the “Public” setting to “On,” the app will send your design to our team here at Homestyler, who will determine its appearance in the Design Stream.

(6) Share – Tap on this icon to share your design via Facebook or email.

Style Wall

Choose the brand of paint through which you want to browse and select one of the many colors we have available.

You can scroll to the left to view the whole range of colors we have to offer.


*Due to popular demand, we have added new darker colors to our paint catalog in the latest update.

Once you’ve chosen the color you want to try out, you can:

(1) Paint the color on the wall or Remove it if it paints areas that you wanted to keep clear.

(2) Choose the brush type you want to use. From left to right:

  • Fill (blue icon) to paint or remove large areas
  • Line (orange icon) to add/remove paint in straight lines
  • Freestyle (green icon) to paint/remove wherever you move your finger

(3) Easily switch the paint color by tapping on the paint swatch

(4) Undo and Redo what you’ve moved/painted on the screen.

Once you’re finished styling your walls, you can either tap on Done to accept changes and return to your design or Cancel to return to your design without painting.

How do I fix a paint overflow? 

(1) Select the Fill brush and use your finger to scribble on the specific wall you want to paint

(2) This will often paint the selected wall as well as the area around it

(3) Tap on remove and scribble on the walls from where you’d like to remove the paint

(4) Use the line/freestyle brushes to fix the results until you’re happy with the way the wall looks

Real Scale

The Real Scale feature has 2 stages. In the first stage you can align the grid to match the walls of your image, in a couple ways:

(1) Tap on the icon that connects two walls and drag it right or left to rotate the entire room on that axis.

(2) Tap on any wall, ceiling or floor, in your room and drag it in any direction to better match the shape of your room.

Once you’re done, press Next (3) to go to the next stage.

On this screen you can drag the green arrow to any point in your room and set the measurements. We recommend measuring either a window or a wall, but you can set the measurement between any two points located in your room.

Once you set the measurements according to their size in “real life,” all items already in the room will change their scale accordingly, as will any new catalog item you add to the room.

My Homestyler

What is in “My Homestyler”?

This is where you’ll find all designs you’ve created and saved (1), as well as any articles (2) and Professionals (3) you’ve “hearted”, gathered conveniently in one place.

How do I edit my designs?

Tap on the blue flag in the upper lefthand corner (4) of the design to open the Edit window.

Edit Design

What changes can I make on my designs?

Once you open the Edit window mentioned above, you can of course edit the design name or description. But you can also:

(1) Re-enter the design to continue working on it

(2) Change the status of the design from Public (available for publishing on the Design Stream) or Private (visible only to yourself)

(3) Create a duplicate, or copy of the design

(4) Delete the design

Professional Index

How can I find a Professional on Homestyler?

To find a professional on Homestyler, tap on “Professional Index” in the main menu and then search the Professional Index by Profession or Area of Service.

How can I become a Homestyler Professional? 

You can submit your portfolio for review by emailing us at: In-house Autodesk design experts will evaluate the scope of your industry experience and the strength of your portfolio. Once your portfolio has been accepted, it will be added to the Professional Index.