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The RLSguitar Cave - Robert Len Stallard's Home Music Studio in Office Room

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The RLSguitar Cave - Robert Len Stallard's Home Music Studio in Office Room
The RLSguitar Cave house floor plan
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The project studio room is located on the second floor of the home. The main studio area has a vaulted ceiling with a middle flat area 10' high from window to recording nook and closet. The adjacent ceiling areas angle from 8' to 10' high. The recording nook and closet have flat ceilings 8' high. The three-paned window forms an arc at the top from 70' high at the end to 83" high in the middle. The bottom of the window is 1' from the floor

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  • Nov. 7, 2012 by Robert
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  • The RLSguitar Cave
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  • Office Room;

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