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4th Bedroom, Main Bath, Ensuite & Master Bedroom in Bedroom, Bathroom

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4th Bedroom, Main Bath, Ensuite & Master Bedroom in Bedroom, Bathroom
2nd FLOOR house floor plan
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Ensuite is roughly 2'10"x6'2" and will need a small vanity (16") toilet & small custom shower or 32x40 shower with glass panel at shower head - no door on the shower. The wall where the door is is load bearing - it may or may not need extra support when opened to accomodate door (barn style door with exposed hardware mounted to Master Bedroom. Entire room will be tiled if possible. Main Bathroom with need to have the west wall extended roughly 3 feet which will accomodate a tub shower combo.

  • Modified:
  • Oct. 2, 2013 by Tina
  • Levels:
  • 2nd FLOOR
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  • Bedroom;Bathroom;

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